Scarlet & Violet Releases on 3/31!

When do Scarlet & Violet Preorders begin?

Preorders will begin on Thursday 3/30! There's a few early bird deals available right now on the website if you're lucky :) 

What cards are in the Scarlet & Violet set?

The set has a total of 258 cards: 198 cards in the main set and 60 secret rare cards. Full Arts and Illustration Rares are now classified as secret rares (like the Japanese sets), which is why there are far more secret rares.

What is the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet pack breakdown?

Each Scarlet & Violet booster pack will feature two reverse holo cards and one holo card. This is to compensate for booster packs increasing from $3.99 to $4.49.

Each pack will now be ordered with the rarest cards in the back. The order will be: 4x common cards, 3x uncommons, 2x reverse holos, and 1x holo. After this, you’ll find 1x Basic Energy and 1x code card.

If you pull either an Illustration Rare or a Special Illustration Rare (both of which are Secret Rares), they will take the place of the second reverse holo slot.

All rares and higher are now foil; there are no more non-holo rares. Rainbow Rares are also gone.

Where can you preorder Scarlet & Violet products and find the best deals?

Preorders are available here on our website starting today!


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