Pokemon News

  • New Scarlet & Violet Freebies!

    In celebration of the release of Scarlet & Violet, Pokemon has sent us some amazing freebies to give to you! 

    Get your orders in ASAP as we only have a limited amount of freebies! 

    See some of the free gifts here!


  • Scarlet & Violet Releases on 3/31!

    Preorders will begin on Thursday 3/30! There's a few early bird deals available right now on the website if you're lucky :) 

    The set has a total of 258 cards: 198 cards in the main set and 60 secret rare cards. Full Arts and Illustration Rares are now classified as secret rares (like the Japanese sets), which is why there are far more secret rares.

  • Pokemon Crown Zenith Preorders Round 2

    Round 2 of preorders begin on 2/16/23 at 5:00PM PDT

    Pikachu VMAX, Mini Tins, and Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres Tins

  • We're back!

    We are back and in the process of shipping out all outstanding orders!
  • COMPANY HOLIDAY (1/10/23 - 1/24/23)

    Show Kase Collectibles will be closed from January 10th to the 24th for a company trip to Japan. 

    Preorders that release during our time away will also be fulfilled after the 24th. 

    Click for more info!