Pokemon: 151 Alakazam ex Collection

Pokemon: 151 Alakazam ex Collection

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Alakazam ex Collection Box

Attack from the Bench-with Alakazam ex! Alakazam ex plays mind tricks on your opponent by attacking from the Bench! After evolving from Abra and Kadabra, this formidable Pokemon ex shows off its Psychic-type prowess no matter where it stands on the battlefield.

Product Highlights

  • Limit 6 Per Person
  • 4 Pokemon 151 Booster Packs
  • 1 Promo Card Featuring Alakazam ex
  • 1 Promo Card Featuring Kadabra
  • 1 Promo Card Featuring Abra 
  • 1 Code Card

Set Name: Pokemon: 151 English Set

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